Metro Magic Policies


  1. Metro Lacrosse Club’s travel program for grades 3 through 11 is referred to as “Magic”.  Metro “Magic” is a private club with membership by invitation only after a player tryout.  Membership is renewed yearly.  Prior membership on Metro “Magic” does not guarantee future membership. 


  1. The purpose of Metro “Magic” is to provide top-level training and opportunities for exposure for those athletes whose goal it is to compete at the highest levels while in high school, and eventually to play at the collegiate level.


  1. There are six practice squads with approximately 30 to 40 players each.  Practice assignments are based on high school graduation year.  Within each practice squad, two teams will be formed.  Team assignments will be determined by the coaches after the first few practices.  Players will be divided by ability into an “A” and a “B” team to compete at tournaments; these teams are Blue and Green respectively.


  1. One of the ultimate goals of the “Magic” program is to teach player responsibility.  As a member of the team each player is held accountable for their actions and decisions.  In addition players will be instructed to handle communications with their coaches for themselves.  These skills are essential in developing our players for their future success.


  1. It is required that all players will attend all of the scheduled practices for their age group ( ‘22, ‘23 etc.).  If that is not possible due to an emergency, it is the responsibility of the player to notify their coach by e-mail that they will be missing and the reason.  Practice schedules for all levels are available on the website.  


  1. It is required that all players maintain an updated US Lacrosse membership throughout the entire Metro “Magic” season. This is for insurance purposes. For membership information please go to www.uslacrosse.org


  1. Metro provides support and guidance in the college search process.  We will host a “College Recruiting Seminar” in the Fall and Spring to answer your questions and provide direction.  We will provide you with a profile on IWLCArecruits.com, guidance on how to set up and maintain your profile, but it is up to the player to keep their profile up to date.


  1. Metro reserves the right to “invite” players to join “Magic” that missed the tryout.  This decision will be made based on the player’s ability to contribute to the team and our ability to showcase them. Membership dues for those players will be prorated on percentage of the “Magic” season remaining.


  1. Metro reserves the right to use photograph(s) taken of Magic players for specific use on the web site and in promotional materials.  Understand the photograph(s) will be used in all forms of media including, but not limited to, digital media, portfolios, articles and promotional material.  In giving consent, you release and hold harmless METRO LACROSSE CLUB and its agents from any and all responsibility or liability.


  1. Schedule changes due to inclimate weather, pandemic, or other extenuating circumstances are out of our control.  Metro will not be held liable for schedule changes due to events out of our control.


Tournament Policies:


  1. Tournament dates are available on the website.  All players are required to attend all tournaments. 


  1. All travel and accommodations for tournaments are the responsibility of the player’s family.  Information regarding directions to tournaments, hotels, and player waivers will be available on our website: www.metrolacrosseclub.com


  1. A tournament’s schedule of games is usually not available to us until a few days prior to the tournament and is ALWAYS subject to change by the tournament director.  All players are expected to remain at every tournament until the end of their last possible game. Failure to meet this requirement will result in penalizing your future involvement in the Metro Magic program.


  1. Player placement on teams for tournaments is the sole decision of the coaches.  It will be based on team needs and players performance, NOT on requests or parental input.  A parent who approaches a coach about playing time or game strategy at any time will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the club with no refund of membership fees.


  1. Players should arrive at the field for tournaments 45 minutes before their first scheduled game and 20 minutes before each subsequent game.  They should be in full uniform and prepared to warm up at that time.  Being on time is the PLAYER’S responsibility – not the parents.  If this rule is not adhered to, the player will lose playing time for that game.


  1. All players will receive some playing time.  Time played will be at the discretion of the coach.  Each year, Metro “Magic” attends tournaments with a wide variety of competition levels.  Whereas the goal of some tournaments is purely fun, participation and exposure; others include a championship format.  At these more competitive tournaments, it benefits the entire Metro program for our teams to perform well.  In those situations, playing time will be determined with the focus on winning.


  1. There will be players on our teams who are verbally committed.  Those players will be expected to participate in ALL scheduled tournaments and practices alongside their teammates.  In this specific circumstance these players need to continue to play to prepare for college and their teammates need their support.


  1. Players are discouraged from joining or committing to other travel lacrosse programs that interfere with their participation in Metro.  If “Magic” is attending a given tournament, our players must play on the “Magic” roster.   We do not want to compete against our own players.  


  1. It is the ref’s job to ref, the coach’s job to coach, and the parent’s job to cheer and support from the sidelines.  All parent cheering from the sideline should be positive and supportive.  Failure to meet these expectations will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the club with no refund of membership fees.


  1. Parents are not to approach a coach at a tournament or practice to discuss personal concerns. If you have a problem or concern that you feel needs to be addressed, please contact the Metro office directly to resolve any issues.  We do not allow and want to avoid any confrontation between parents and our coaching staff.  Failure to adhere to this policy will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the club with no refund of membership fees.


Fees and Refund Policy:


  1. Membership fees are paid annually.  This fee covers players’ instruction time and practice facilities.  Full payment must be made by April 1st, 2022 (unless other arrangements are made with our office).  No refunds will be made for any reason after July 16, 2021.


  1. Membership fees are all inclusive.  The 2020-2021 program includes the following:
    • All scheduled fall, winter, and summer practices
    • All scheduled fall and summer tournaments
    • Strategy/notebook sessions
    • METRO “Magic” uniform and practice pinnie (new players only)