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Main Office

Metro Girls Lacrosse Club
PO BOX 286
Suffern NY 10901

p: 845-304-5574

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

John Callanan – Owner, Director of High School Player Development

Bonnie Conklin – Owner, Director of College Recruiting

Greg Borchers – Owner, Director of Youth Player Development

Hilary Dougherty – Director of Communications and Office Manager


Metro 2025 Co-head Coaches Randy Vite and Marisa Mahoney

Metro 2026 Co-Head Coaches Joe Gizzi and Aleya Corretjer, Assistant Bonnie Conklin

Metro 2027 Head Coach Kelsey Rehain, Assistant Patrick Colligan

Metro 2028 Head Coach Lizzy Fox, Assistant John Callanan

Metro 2029 Head Coach Jeanie Peluso, Assistants Katie Lonergan and Greg Borchers

Metro 2030 Head Coach John Callanan, Assistant Marc Eckert

Metro 2031 Head Coach Jenna Fox, Assistant Haliann Fitzgerald

Metro 2032/33 Head Coach Lexie Mottola