About Us

It was 1999 when Mary-Lynne McKee found herself pushing to advance the play of girls lacrosse outside of the regular season. She saw that there were numerous opportunities for boys high school players and not enough for girls. It was then that she thought to start up the Metro Lacrosse program. The travel team was the first step and with that came clinics and much more. Metro Lacrosse has now expanded to over 13 travel teams, clinics throughout the New York and New Jersey area, and a staff dedicated to helping young women reach their goals through the sport of lacrosse.

Mckee and her staff are continuing to better themselves and the program every year. In the past few years we have expanded our website, partnered with SportsRecruits.com, and have created a registration platform with LeagueApps to ensure parents quick and easy payment methods. Our drive is to make sure that players get the very best in all aspects of the club program.